Nutrient Timing

Nutrient Timing

Fueling Strategies to Unlock Peak Performance

Link, Lauren

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Part I. Foundations of Effective Fueling
Chapter 1. Not What, but When? Why Nutrient Timing Matters
Chapter 2. Identify Your Timing Needs
Chapter 3. Go Harder for Longer With Carbohydrates
Chapter 4. Recover Faster With Protein
Chapter 5. Meet Energy Needs With Fat
Chapter 6. Elevate Performance With Vitamins and Minerals
Chapter 7. Sustain High Performance With Hydration
Chapter 8. Gain the Edge With Supplements

Part II. Fine-Tune Your Fueling for Any Schedule
Chapter 9. Strategies for Training and Competition
Chapter 10. Endurance Training and Competition
Chapter 11. Strength, Power, and Team Sport Training and Competition
Chapter 12. Special Considerations
Chapter 13. Prep and Plan Ahead
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