Non-Conventional Hybrid Machining Processes

Non-Conventional Hybrid Machining Processes

Theory and Practice

Davim, J. Paulo; Singh, Rupinder

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Chapter 1 Ultrasonic Vibration-Assisted Sintering Chapter 2 Hybrid EDM with Three-Phase Dielectric Medium Chapter 3 Fabrication of Microchannels using Conventional and Hybrid Machining Processes Chapter 4 Modified Ultrasonic Machining Process Chapter 5 A Trending Nonconventional Hybrid Finishing/Machining Process Chapter 6 Capabilities of Powder-Mixed EDM using Carbon Nanotubes for Biomedical Application Chapter 7 Material Removal Rate and Surface Roughness Analyses of ED-Machined SUS-316L with Tungsten Tool Chapter 8 Abrasive Jet Machining: Overview and Scope Chapter 9 Enhancing Tribological Properties of Duplex Stainless Steel Via Electrical Discharge Treatment
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PMEDM;NCMP;MRR;USM;EDM;Ultrasonic Machining;Abrasive Particles;Electric Discharge Machining;Material Removal Mechanism;SEM;Process Optimization;Maximum MRR;Conventional material removal processes;Minimum Quantity Lubrication;NCMP macro-modelling;Ultrasonic Vibrations;Hybrid nonconventional machining process;Material Flow Stress;EDM Process;AJM;Nonconventional Machining;Maximum Wear Rate;Sintering Temperature;Wire EDM Process;AWJM;Conventional Sintering Process;Conventional Finishing Processes;MR Polish;Main Effect Plot;Soaking Time;Untreated Substrate;Ultrasonic Power;DSS