Modern Hybrid Machining and Super Finishing Processes

Modern Hybrid Machining and Super Finishing Processes

Technology and Applications

Uppal, Amrinder Singh; Pathri, Bhargav Prajwal; Babbar, Atul; Sharma, Ankit; Prakash, Chander

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1 A Brief Review on Electro-chemical Discharge Machining Process - Satadru Kashyap

2 A Review of Process Parameters of Rotary Ultrasonic Machining - Jaspreet Singh, Chandandeep Singh, Kanwaljit Singh

3 Effect of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) Method on Machining Characteristics for Ductile Substrates: A Future Direction - Ankit Sharma, Atul Babbar, Kamaljeet Singh, Anoop Kumar Singh, Naveen Mani Tripathi, Dhaval Jaydev Kumar Desai

4 Comprehensive Study on Electro Chemical Discharge Machining - Santosh Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Mohit Kumar

5 Advancement of abrasive-based nano-finishing processes: Principle, challenges and current applications - Manoj Kumar, Mohit Kumar, Ankit Sharma, Atul Babbar

6 Defects during Conventional Machining of Polymer Composites: A Review - Rahul Mehra, Santosh Kumar, Satish Kumar

7 Optimization of Machining Parameter Using Electric Discharge Machining on Fabricated Aluminium-Based Metal Matrix Composite - Rajinder Kumar, Navdeep Singh, Harish Kumar Garg

8 Experimental Investigation on Surface Texture of Inconel-800 with Hybrid Machining Method Using Optimization Technique - Satish Kumar, Harvinder Singh, Rahul Mehra, Aneesh Goyal

9 Advanced Finishing Processes for Cylindrical Surface Finishing- A Review - Manpreet Singh, Gagandeep Singh, Mohammad Alshinwan
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Abrasive Electrical Discharge Machining;Electro-Chemical Discharge Machining;Super Finishing Processes;Ultrasonic Assisted Electrochemical Machining;High Precision Machining;Micro-Hybrid Machining