Handbook of Intelligent and Sustainable Manufacturing

Handbook of Intelligent and Sustainable Manufacturing

Tools, Principles, and Strategies

Kumar, Rakesh; Liu, Yang; Parveen; Kumar, Ajay

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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1. Sustainable Manufacturing Practices in the Intelligent Manufacturing Era: A MICMAC Analysis of Roadblocks in Indian SMEs. 2. Human-Robot/Machine Interaction for Sustainable Manufacturing: Industry 5.0 Perspectives. 3. Nature-Inspired Optimization Techniques of Industry 4.0 for Sustainable Manufacturing. 4. Framework for Implementation of Disruptive Emerging ICTs in Intelligent and Sustainable Manufacturing in a Developing Context. 5. Digital Twins and IoT for Sustainable Manufacturing: A Survey of Current Practices and Future Directions. 6. Overview of Cyber Security in Intelligent and Sustainable Manufacturing. 7. Service Quality Improvement Using Fuzzy Inference Systems and Genetic Algorithm. 8. Identifying and Prioritizing Quality 4.0 Practices in Sustainable Manufacturing Using Rough Number-Based AHP-MABAC. 9. Intelligent Manufacturing in the Context of Industry 4.0 in Belarus: Overview and Perspectives. 10. Investigation of the Chip Reduction Coefficient of X-625 Using Coated Tools. 11. Effect of ECM, Hard Turning, and Deep Cryogenic on Properties of AISI S-1 Tool Steel. 12. A Study on Adoption of Information and Communication Tools in Emergency Disaster Management. 13. Optimization of Process Parameters of Counterbore Hole Made on Workpiece of Al-6061 Using DOE and MCDM Techniques. 14. Application of IoT and Artificial Intelligence in Smart Manufacturing: Towards Industry 4.0. 15. Intelligent Manufacturing in the Financial Sector: Applications in Asset Management and Trading. 16. Machine Learning Applications in Industry 4.0: Opportunities and Challenges. 17. Intelligent and Sustainable Manufacturing Applications in the Automotive Industry.
Industry 4.0;Artificial Intelligence of Things;Quality Management;Digital Twin;Cybersecurity;Augmented Reality