Machining Processes and Machines

Machining Processes and Machines

Fundamentals, Analysis, and Calculations

Huda, Zainul

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Part I: Fundamentals of Machining and Cutting Tools. 1. Introduction. 2. Mechanics of Chip Formation. Chapter 3. Forces in Machining. Chapter 4. Cutting Tools and Materials. Part II: Conventional Machining and Gear Manufacturing. 5. Turning Operations and Machines. 6. Drilling Operations and Machines. 7. Milling Operations and Machines. 8. Shaping and Planning Operations and Machines. 9. Broaching and Hobbing. 10. Gear Cutting/Manufacturing. Part III - Grinding and Other Abrasive Machining Processes. 11. Grinding Operations. 12. Finishing Abrasive Machining Operations. Part IV: Advanced/Non-traditional Machining. 13. Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machining. 14. Mechanical Energy Machining Processes. 15. Thermal Energy Machining Processes. 16. Electro-chemical and Chemical Machining Processes. Answers to MCQs and Selected Problems.
Cutting Speeds;Cutting Tools;Material Removal Rate;Chip Formation;Cutting Tool;Grinding;Cutting Force;Abrasive Machining;Spindle Rpm;Computer Numerically Controlled;Shear Plane Angle;CNC;Metal Removal Rate;CNC machining;Cutting Time;Uncut Chip Thickness;Machining processes;Rake Angle;Machined surface;Center-less Grinding;Engineering analysis;Lead Screw;Tool Chip Interface;Pocket Milling;AJM;Thrust Force;Grinding Wheel;Change Gear Ratio;Gear Hobbing;Cutting Torque;CNC Machine;Cycle Time;Taylor's Tool Life Equation;Chip Thickness;CNC System