Go Green for Environmental Sustainability

Go Green for Environmental Sustainability

An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Theory and Applications

Rao, Usha; Reynolds, Mark F.; Savarimuthu, SJ, Xavier

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Chapter 1. Making Heme Proteins Green: Designing Enzymes For Bioremediation And Environmental Sustainability

Chapter 2: Organic Farming With Residual Microbial Consortia And Its Potential In Sustainable Agriculture Production

Chapter 3: Dynamic Role Of Specific Microbes In Bioremediation Of Heavy Metals And Dyes From The Textile Industry

Chapter 4: From The Green Revolution To The Green Chemistry Revolution: In Pursuit Of A Paradigm Shift In Agricultural Sustainability

Chapter 5: The Power Of Markets: Reduce Climate Risks While Creating Inclusive Prosperity

Chapter 6: Green Banking: An Environmental Shield For Sustainable Growth In India

Chapter7: Green Computing: An Eco-Friendly And Energy Efficient Computing To Minimize E-Waste Generation

Chapter 8: Technological Innovations For Environmental Sustainability

Chapter 9: Green Transportation: Exploring Carpooling As An Environmentally Sustainable Solution

Chapter 10: Learning The Scandinavian Approach To Green Infrastructure, Energy And A Circular Economy

Chapter 11: Understanding The Economic And Insurance Industry Implications Of The Australian Bushfires Of 2019-2020

Chapter 12: Concrete Containing Waste Materials And Environment Sustainability

Chapter 13: A Study Of Environmental Disclosure Practices In India With Special Emphasis On The Mining Sector

Chapter 14: Identifying Green Physicians: A Segmentation Study In Eastern India

Chapter 15: Developing Cleaning And Building Management Strategies For Green And Sustainable Healthcare Facilities

Chapter 16: Green Thinking, Green Acting: Re-Determining The Self As Ecological
IES Virtual Environment;Computing;Green Purchase Behavior;Informatics;International Monetary Fund;Degradation;Heme Peroxidases;Green Environment;Moisture Content;Green Cities;Environmental Issues;Environmental Ethics;Microbial Consortia;Bacterial Consortium;Textile Industry's Effluents;Environmental Disclosure;Heme Iron;Green Computing;Environmental Disclosure Practices;Distal Histidine;Gm Crop;Green Data Centers;Heme Proteins;CHP System;GC MS Study;PGPR Isolate;Heme Domain;Green Chemistry;Mental Health Support Systems;Azotobacter Strains;Electric Motorcycles