Advances in Sustainable Machining and Manufacturing Processes

Advances in Sustainable Machining and Manufacturing Processes

Kumar, Ashwani; Prasad, Arbind; Kumar Gajrani, Kishor

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Section A: Sustainable Machining 1. Challenges in the machining of advanced materials 2. Machining advanced ceramics materials: Challenges and opportunities
3. Characterization and evaluation of eco-friendly cutting fluids 4. Advances in textured cutting tools for machining 5. Advances in MQL machining
6. Nanofluids applications for cutting fluids 7. Nanofluids for machining in the era of industry 4.0 8. Ionic liquids as a potential sustainable green lubricant for machining in the era of industry 4.0
9. Sustainable electrical discharge machining process - A pathway 10. Sustainable abrasive jet machining 11. Artificial neural network for machining
12. Machining and vibration behaviour of Ti-TiB composites processed through powder metallurgy techniques 13. FEM analysis during machining of AISI 4340 work piece using Al2O3 coated carbide tool and Compare with simulation result
14. Machining Performance Evaluation of Titanium Biomaterial, Ti6Al4V in CNC cylindrical turning using CBN Insert

Section B: Manufacturing Processes 15. Industrial internet of things in manufacturing 16. Improvement in forming characteristics resulted in incremental sheet forming
17. Deformation mechanism of polymers, metals and their composites in dieless forming operation 18. Sustainable polishing of DED based cladding using micro-plasma transferred arc
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Green Machining;Dry Machining;Gas-Cooled Machining;Big Data Based Machining;Hybrid Intelligent Machining;Industry 4.0;Cutting Force;Tool Wear;Cutting Speeds;Cutting Tool;Metalworking Fluids;MQL;Maximum MRR;PCBN Tool;Tool Flank Wear;SPS;Workpiece Material;FLC;Rake Face;Electrical Discharge Machining;Titanium Alloy;Kerf Width;Deformation Mechanism;MRR;Carbide Tools;Base Fluid;Higher Cutting Speed;Workpiece Surface;MQL Machine;LST