Making Complex Decisions toward Revamping Supply Chains amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Making Complex Decisions toward Revamping Supply Chains amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Prasad, Kanika; Kumar, Dinesh

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1. Introduction: Supply Chain Disruption in COVID 19 Breakout. 2. Different Types of Mismatches Between Supply and Demand in Terms of Timing, Location, Quantity, and Quality. 3. Adoption of Different Technologies to Make the Supply Chain More Flexible and Responsive in this Situation of Pandemic. 4. Application of Various MCDM Techniques for Reformulating Strategies to Ensure Uninterrupted Supplies of Goods. 5. Application of Different Optimization Techniques Used in Critical Operations Decisions for Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain. 6. Analysis of New Practices of Logistics and SCM Deployed During the COVID-19 Pandemic. 7. Improving the 3Rs of Supply Chain through Innovations in Network Structures and Business Models. 8. Best Practices for Restoring Production Capacity and Restarting the Supply Chain After Lockdown.
9. Case Studies and Historical Perspective.
Demand Uncertainty;Capacity Decisions;MCDM;Multiple-Criteria Decision-Making;Optimization Techniques;Logistics;Supply Chain;Supply Chain Disruptions;Non-beneficial Criterion;SSC;Supply Chain Resilience;Supply Chain Network;Deterioration Rate;ABC Limited;DC;Decision Matrix;HoQ Matrix;Demand Rate;CSR Program;QFD Model;Cycle Time;RW;Carbon Reduction Technology;Circular Supply Chain;SCA;MCDM Technique;CSR Project;CEBM;Software Prototype;Industrial Symbiosis;Blockchain Technology