Cross-Cultural Leadership

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Being Effective in an Era of Globalization, Digital Transformation and Disruptive Innovation

Salih, Ahmad

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Part 1: Introduction 1. Preface, Forward and Book Structure 2. Leadership, The Missing Jewel 3. Hamlin's Generic Model of Managerial and Leadership Part 2: Culture and Cultural Intelligence 4. Culture, What it Means and What it Does Not 5. Cultural Intelligence Part 3: The Sustainable, Dynamic And Adaptable Leadership Model 6. Cultural Intelligence a Competency of Effective Leader 7. Formation of The Model; Integrating DCF's Cultures with CQ Dimensions Part 4: Application and Impact 8. Deployment of the Model in a Cross-Cultural Environment 9. UAE; A Dynamic Cross-Cultural Example 10. Assignments
CQ Dimension;CQ Metacognitive;Hamlin's generic managerial model;Ineffective Managerial Behaviours;cross-cultural leadership;Agnostic;cultural intelligence;DCF;Douglasian's cultural framework;MBA Student;culturally intelligent leadership;Face To Face;Measure Leadership Effectiveness;Managerial Leader Behaviour;UAE;Van Dyne;Follow;National Culture;Digital Transformation;Egalitarian Mindset;Behavioural CQ;Negative Managerial Behaviours;Knowledge Repertoire;GGT;Competitive Culture;Grenoble Ecole De Management;Motivational CQ;IBM Subsidiary;Cognitive CQ