Finding Your Granite

Finding Your Granite

My Four Cornerstones of Personal Leadership

Pflug, Douglas P.

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1. That little sucker won't die

2. The early years: Digging deep and building a foundation for potential success

3. "Ram Tumkur and my crash into the abyss. Welcome to the planet, Doug"

4. The University of Guelph "Gryphon" Football & Wrestling

5. "Answering the Call to Serve and Protect"

6. When darkness creeps in, try to focus on any light you can find

7. "The crash into the pit of despair"

8. Lessons learned as an Elite Strength and Conditioning Coach

9. My Dream Job

10. Sgt. Pflug goes back to the Uniform Division

11. "Rebirth out of the ashes and #RiseUpAndExcel".

12. Four Cornerstones of Personal Leadership

13. "Understanding their "why".

14. The Four Cornerstones of personal leadership

15. "NO or Next Opportunity",

16. Time to practise what I teach

17. What's next? Actionable goals for you to #RiseUpAndExcel"

18. Covid-19 and "#RiseUpAndExcel"

19. Multimedia Resources, where else can you find Doug

20. Significant career achievements

21. Final thoughts


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