Business With a Conscience

Business With a Conscience

A Research Companion

Marques, Joan

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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PART I Leadership and Organizational Behavior With a Conscience 1. Conscious Leadership: Considering Internal and External Stakeholders Joan Marques 2. Responsible Leadership Under Oneness: Conscious Parts and Conscientious Wholes Alex Fong And Duysal Askun 3. Inspiring Soft Skills as a Conscious Choice Debra J. Dean 4. Business Without Conscience Clive R. Boddy, Benedict Sheehy, And Brendon Murphy 5. A Human-Centered Approach to Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace Alentina Vardanyan 6. Nurturing Workplace Diversity With a Conscience: A Path Toward Inclusion and Excellence for African Americans Shona G. Smith And Ariane Froidevaux 7. Advancing Workplace Diversity: Weathering the Storm to Create a Path Toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lisa T. Toler 8. An Eastern Approach to Moral Development Ravi Subramaniam 9. The Role of Religious Common Good Traditions in Fostering Humanistic Leadership George Gotsis And Aikaterini Grimani 10. Light and Shadow: A Biblical Juxtaposition of Toxic and Ethical Leadership Joseph Dominick Martinez, Meghan N. Rivers, and W. David Winner PART II Strategic and International Management With a Conscience 11. Conscious Value Creation in Global Value Chains Anoosha Makka 12. Finding Unity in Diversity: Conscience in Business Literature and Practice Christiane Molina 13. Responsible Innovation Principles Isaac Wanasika 14. Disentangling the Professional and Political in the (Post) Modern Workplace Sean M. Eddington and Caitlyn M. Jarvis 15. Segmenting Mixed Markets: A Model and Evidence From Microfinance Sarah Wolfolds 16. How Mexican Companies Contribute to Human Development Anabella Davila 17. Advancing Socially Responsible Strategies Through Earned Social Media Catalin G. Pavel and R. Greg Bell 18. Supporting Business Ethics and Sustainability: A Relational Perspective on Conscience Sheldene K. Simola 19. Exploring Business Conscience Thomas Anyanje Senaji, Victor Senji Anyanje, and Jacqueline Rose Anyango 20. Open Collaboration and Digital Technologies in the Context of Environmental Innovations Luis Francisco Miranda, Vanessa Pertuz, Claudio Cruz Cazares, and Minna Saunila 21. Adult-Learning Motivations, Hindrances, and Aspirational HRD Effectiveness Based on Cooperative Learning Models Meghan N. Rivers and W. David Winner 22. Reflective Teaching in the Virtual Workplace in Higher Education: The Strategy for the Development of Conscious Lean Educational Leadership in India Moitreyee Paul And Lalatendu Kesari Jena PART III Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship 23. Internal and External Qualities Needed to Transition From Social Entrepreneurship to System Entrepreneurship Pamela Kay Caldwell And Oluseye David Akintunde 24. Stakeholder Protection and Valuation Effects Koushikee Dutta And J. Kirk Ring 25. Calculation, Responsiveness, and Conscience in CSR and Social Entrepreneurship Duane Windsor 26. Caregiving Weighing on the Conscience of Business: Organizational Caregiving for the Family Caregiver Brian Murray 27. Managing the Commercial-Social Paradox With Different Forms of Organizing Susanna L. M. Chui And Nazha Gali 28. Nature, Life, and Economy: The Quest for Conscience Business Practice Anannya Deb Roy And Goutam Saha 29. The Effects of Credence Goods and Country Development on the CSP-CFP Relationship Through Revenue Mediation Renee Pesor, Kristiina Esop, Alar Kein, and Mari Kooskora 30. When Positive Psychology and CSR Collide: Emerging and Prospective Research in Positive CSR Austin Chia and Margaret L. Kern 31. Narratives of Sustainable Life: In Pursuit of Conscience Business Sharmistha Banerjee, Nagma Sahi Ansari, and Anannya Deb Roy 32. When Business Means Inclusion: Social Cooperatives in Poland-Their Essence, Ethos, and Practices Edyta Janus And Agnieszka Smrokowska-Reichmann 33. Strategic and International Management With Conscience: A Case of Kenya/Africa Anne W. Njagi, Catherine Wanza Maingi, and Kennedy Muema Musyoka 34. The Sensemaking of Confucian Entrepreneur on the Ambidexterity of Business Xuanwei Cao 35. Where Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Merge Joan Marques Index
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