Practical Wisdom, Leadership and Culture

Practical Wisdom, Leadership and Culture

Indigenous, Asian and Middle-Eastern Perspectives

Yang, Shih-Ying; Intezari, Ali; Spiller, Chellie

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Introduction: Introducing "Practical Wisdom, Leadership and Culture: Indigenous, Asian, and Middle-Eastern Perspectives";

Section I: The Indigenous Perspective;

Chapter 1: Ecological Sustainability and Practical Wisdom from the Maasai and Hadza Peoples in East Africa;

Chapter 2: The Wisdom of Inclusion: Maori leadership and management practices that make a world of difference;

Chapter 3: The Wisdom of Differentiating between Indigenous Leader and Indigenous Leadership;

Chapter 4: Native American Transplanar Wisdom: A Pragmatic View and Application;

Chapter 5: Conceptions of Wisdom in Rural Uganda: A Different View of What's Important in Life;

Section II: The Asian Perspective;

Chapter 6: Fostering Contemplative and Spiritual Growth: Revisiting Confucianism and Wisdom Learned from T'oegye Yi Hwang for Educators;

Chapter 7: Personal Wisdom as Reflected in the Vietnamese Classic Literature: The Tale of Kieu;

Chapter 8: On Endeavor-based Wisdom: An East Asian Confucian Perspective in a Polycultural World;

Chapter 9: Wisdom: A Philippine Perspective;

Section III: The Middle Eastern Perspective;

Chapter 10: Practical Wisdom in Ancient Iran;

Chapter 11: The Concept of Wisdom in the Arab-Islamic Traditions;

Chapter 12: The Wisdom of Good Thought and Deed: The Persian Perspective;
Young Man;Hakuna Matata;Tacit wisdom and knowledge;Berlin Wisdom Paradigm;Non-Western wisdom traditions;Good Life;Western management paradigms;Australian Indigenous Leaders;Knowledge Management;Vice Versa;Organisational Wisdom theory;East Asian Cultural Sphere;Strategic Decision-making;Native American Medicine Wheel;Indigenous knowledge systems;Middle Eastern Perspectives;Leadership;Violating;Followership;Arab Islamic Traditions;indigenous leadership;Hadza People;Indigenous practical wisdom;Wise Person;native American's transplanar wisdom;Practical Wisdom;practical wisdom role;Medicine Wheel;East Asian Education;Fakhr Al Din Al Razi;Native American Spirituality;Native American Philosophy;Identity Style Inventory;Ancient Iran;Wise Actions;Australian Indigenous Women;Middle Eastern Traditions;Golden Bell