Plant Genomics for Sustainable Agriculture

Plant Genomics for Sustainable Agriculture

Singh, Ram Lakhan; Parihar, Akarsh; Mondal, Sukanta; Singh, Pradeep Kumar

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Chapter 1. Introduction, Scope and Applications of Biotechnology and Genomics for Sustainable Agricultural Production.- Chapter 2. Structure and Organization of Plant Nuclear Genome.- Chapter 3. Transgenesis in Plants: Principle and Methods.- Chapter 4. Genetically Modified Crops and their Applications.- Chapter 5. Transcriptomics in Plant.- Chapter 6. Molecular Breeding and Marker Assisted Selection for Crop Improvement.- Chapter 7.Bioinformatics in Plant Genomics for Next Generation Plant Breeding.- Chapter 8. Whole Genome Sequencing of Plants: Past, Present and Future.- Chapter 9. Model Plants in Genomics.- Chapter 10. RNA Interference Technology in Plants: Mechanisms and Applications in Crop Improvement.- Chapter 11. Use of Genomics to Improve Stress Tolerance.- Chapter 12. Genetics of Plant Organelles: Plastid and Mitochondrial Genomes.- Chapter 13. DNA Barcoding in Plants: Past, Present and Future.- Chapter 14. Advances in Epigenetics for Crop Improvement and Sustainable Agriculture.- Chapter 15. Ethical Aspects and Public Perception on Plant Genomics.
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Plant genomics;Molecular breeding;Transcriptomics;Whole genome sequencing;DNA barcoding