Phytoplankton Whispering: An Introduction to the Physiology and Ecology of Microalgae

Phytoplankton Whispering: An Introduction to the Physiology and Ecology of Microalgae

Glibert, Patricia M.

Springer International Publishing AG





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Chapter 1. Historical Phytoplankton Ecologists, Early Concepts and Debates.- Chapter 2. Methods Shape Our Understanding.- Chapter 3. Manipulating and Measuring Growth and Biomass in Simple to Complex Systems and a Curve for All Reasons.- Chapter 4. Shining Light on the Complexity of Light.- Chapter 5. Capturing Light and the Diversity of Pigments.- Chapter 6. Photosynthesis: The Complex Path From Light to Carbon Fixation.- Chapter 7. Photosynthesis and the Confusing Array of Methodologies.- Chapter 8. Changing in the Short-term: Acclimation.- Chapter 9. The Algae and their (Imperfect!) Classifications.- Chapter 10. Endosymbiosis and Evolution.- Chapter 11. Nutrient Supplies, Cycles and the Oceanic Dynamic Balance.- Chapter 12. Nitrogen Uptake, Assimilation and Metabolism: Making Amino Acids and Protein.- Chapter 13. Phosphorus Uptake, Assimilation and Metabolism: Making Energy and Genetic Material.- Chapter 14. Silica Uptake, Assimilation and Metabolism: Making Cell Walls.- Chapter15. Mixotrophy: Microbial Multitasking.- Chapter 16. Iron and the Anemic High-Nutrient-Low-Chlorophyll Oceanic Regions.- Chapter 17. Diversity and Succession: Metrics, Models, Mandalas, and Intaglios.- Chapter 18. Taming Diversity through the Traits of Size and Stoichiometry.- Chapter 19. Loss Processes: The Tiny Feeding the Large.- Chapter 20. Food Webs, Cascades, Trophic Positions and Stoichiometry.- Chapter 21. The Phycosphere- Living and Dying in Close Quarters.- Chapter 22. The Changing World.- Chapter 23. Temperature and Warming of Our Waters.- Chapter 24. Hypoxia and the Wheezing of Our Waters.- Chapter 25. Harmful Algae and the Blooming of Our Waters.- Chapter 26. Ocean Acidification and the Souring of Our Waters.- Chapter 27. Happening Now: Systems Experiencing Extreme Change and Multiple Stressors.- Chapter 28. Modeling our Past, Present, and Future.- Chapter 29. Reversing Course: Ecosystem Restoration, Geoengineering, and Algal Bloom Mitigation.- Chapter 30. Postscript: Changing of the Guard.
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Aarmful Algal Blooms;Climate Change;Eutrophication;Harmful Algae;Mixotrophy;Phytoplankton