Global Change in Atlantic Coastal Patagonian Ecosystems

Global Change in Atlantic Coastal Patagonian Ecosystems

A Journey Through Time

Helbling, E. Walter; Villafane, Virginia E.; Narvarte, Maite A.; Gonzalez, Raul A.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Part I - The abiotic environment.- Chapter 1 - Climate variability and change in Patagonia region.- Chapter 2 - Patagonian sea: the physical environment.- Chapter 3 - Geological changes in coastal areas of Patagonia.- Part II - The biota in Patagonian coastal waters.- Chapter 4 - Life in the Patagonian seas through geological time.- Chapter 5 - Towards an understanding of the functioning and structure of plankton from Patagonia under a global change scenario: Lessons from univariable to mutivariable approaches.- Chapter 6 - Marine macroalgae in a changing world: what do we know and what do we still need to know.- Chapter 7 - Impact of global change on invertebrates.- Chapter 8 - Fishes changes in marine ichthyofaunas off Patagonia: species composition, biogeographic and functional patterns.- Chapter 9 - Long-term population trends of Patagonian marine mammals and their ecosystem interactions.- Chapter 10 - Long-term ecology studies in Patagonian seabirds: the case of the Imperial Cormorant, the Magellanic Penguin and other key species.- Chapter 11 - Ecological Interactions.- Part III - Human beings in Patagonian coasts.- Chapter 12 - The evolution in the utilization of sea resources by hunter-gatherers of Central Patagonian coast during the Holocene.- Chapter 13 - Fisheries and aquaculture in Patagonia: status trends and future perspectives.- Chapter 14 - The relationship of Patagonian societies with the sea, influences in their development and contributions to their wellbeing.- Chapter 15 - Futures of Patagonia: urban and tourist prospective in the next Anthropocene.- Chapter 16 - Conservation of coastal environments.
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Patagonian coastal marine ecosystem;Climate trends;Anthropogenic changes;Marine Invertebrates and Fishes;Patagonian plankton;Marine birds;Marine mammals;Ecosystem services;Human well-being;Urban Geography and Urbanism