Neotropical Endophytic Fungi

Neotropical Endophytic Fungi

Diversity, Ecology, and Biotechnological Applications

Rosa, Luiz Henrique

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Neotropical endophytic fungi: isolation, diversity, and biogeography of Neotropical endophytic fungi.- Ecology of Neotropical endophytic fungi.- Diversity, ecology and applications of Epichloe fungal endophytes of grasses in South America.- Endophytes from unique ecosystems in Chile: challenge and opportunities for biodiversity and biotechnological applications.- Endophytic fungal community associated with Colombian plants.- Fungal endophytes and bioactive compounds from tropical forests of Costa Rica.- Diversity of endophytic fungi in Brazilian biomes Rupestrian Grasslands, Caatinga, Pampa, and Pantanal.- Endophytic fungi of the Cerrado: Diversity and its role in ecological interactions and environmental conservation.- Endophytic fungi associated with medicinal plants of Amazonian forest.- Endophytic fungi associated with ancient Neotropical plants.- Bioprospecting of Neotropical endophytic fungi in South America applied to medicine.- Bioprospecting of Neotropical endophytic fungi applied to agriculture.- Endophytic fungi associated with Neotropical plants: a source of promising macromolecules for use in biotechnology.- Potential use of Neotropical endophytic fungi in green synthesis of nanoparticles using endophytes.- Bioprospecting of secondary bioactive metabolites produced by endophytic fungi of the medicinal Piper sp. in the Brazilian Tropical Rain Forest.- Diversity of endophytic fungi of Empetrum rubrum Vahl ex Willd (Ericaceae), a medicinal plant from austral South America.
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fungi secondary metabolite;south american fungi;fungi-plant relationship;endophytic fungi evolution;fungi applications;central american fungi;fungi taxonomy;endophytic bioproducts