Out of Thin Air

Out of Thin Air

Running Wisdom and Magic from Above the Clouds in Ethiopia: Winner of the Margaret Mead Award 2022

Crawley, Michael

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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1 Special Air
2 I Could Have Been a Mesinko Player
3 Following Each Other's Feet
4 So Good, So Far
5 Field of Dreams
6 Zigzagging to the Top
7 Crazy is Good
8 To Win in Rome Would be Like Winning 1,000 times
9 Why It Makes Sense to Run Up and Down a Hill at 3 a.m.
10 Where Does Energy Come From?
11 Th e Game is Worth the Candle
12 Taking the Air
13 Of Course They Are Trying to Kill Each Other
14 Running is Life

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runner; marathon; Addis Ababa; Keninisa Bekele; Haile Gebrselassie; Abebe Bikila; distance; strava; endurance; anthropology; sport; culture; trainingl extreme; memoir; altitude; east Africa; travel; Ethiopian people; night watchman