Developing Endurance

Developing Endurance

NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association; Reuter, Ben

Human Kinetics Publishers





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Chapter 1. Physiology of Endurance Sport Training
Chapter 2. Assessing Endurance Athletes
Chapter 3. Endurance Training Principles and Considerations
Chapter 4. Aerobic Endurance Development
Chapter 5. Exercise Technique
Chapter 6. Resistance Training for Endurance Sports
Chapter 7. Warm-Up Methods and Techniques
Chapter 8. Running
Chapter 9. Cycling
Chapter 10. Swimming
Chapter 11. Triathlon
Chapter 12. Obstacle Course Racing
Chapter 13. Overtraining and Recovery
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Endurance; training; running; marathon; ultramarathon; cycling; rowing; triathlon; runner; sport; stamina; aerobic; conditioning; obstacle course racing; ultraendurance