Green Innovations for Industrial Development and Business Sustainability

Green Innovations for Industrial Development and Business Sustainability

Models and Implementation Strategies

Rana, Geeta; Sharma, Ravindra; Agarwal, Shivani

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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1. A Canonical Correlation Analysis of Green Consumer Behaviour and Its Contemporary Antecedents. 2. E-Commerce and Green Packaging: Sustainable Business Trends. 3. Synergy of Green Entrepreneurship among Indigenous community: Case for Sri Lanka. 4. Evaluating Green Human Resource Management Practices in Family-Controlled Hospitality Business. 5. Impact of eWOM on Green Cosmetics Purchasing Intentions: An Emerging Market Perspective. 6. Uncovering the Shifting Landscape: A comprehensive Analysis of emerging trends and best Practices adopted in Green Supply Chain Management. 7. Green HRM: Eco-Friendly Methods for the advancement to Employment. 8. Green Technology and Its Effect on the Modern World. 9. Green Bonds: Accelerating Green Finance towards Sustainable Economic Development. 10. Green Innovations Uniting Fractals and Power for Optimal Solar Panel Optimization. 11. Digital Twins in Green Manufacturing: Enhancing Sustainability and Efficiency. 12. Case Studies on Circular Economy Model: Green Innovations in Waste Management Industry.
Product Development;Human Resources;Supply Chain Management;Decision-Making;Green Innovation;Sustainability