Cropping Systems Modeling Under Changing Climate

Cropping Systems Modeling Under Changing Climate

Ahmad, Shakeel; Abbas, Ghulam; Hoogenboom, Gerrit; Ahmed, Mukhtar; Hussain, Sajjad

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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1. Cropping systems and application of models.- 2. Sequential Modeling.- 3. Rice-Wheat System.- 4. Maize-Maize System.- 5. Sunflower-Sunflower System.- 6. Cotton-Wheat System.- 7. Chickpea-Mung bean system.- 8. Soybean-Soybean system.- 9. Sugarcane System.- 10. Potato-Potato System.- 11. Sweet Corn-Bell pepper System.- 12. C4 Cereal-based Fodder Systems.- 13. Alfalfa System.- 14. Groundnut-Canola System.- 15. Guar-Wheat System.
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Cropping Systems;Sequential Modeling;Climate Change;Abiotic Stresses;Adaptations;Mitigation Strategies