Sandalwood Genome

Sandalwood Genome

Kole, Chittaranjan; Gowda, Malali; Mahesh, H.B.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Chapter 1. Sandalwood: The King of Aroma in Plant Kingdom.- Chapter 2. Historical and Cultural Importance of Sandalwood in India and Its Role in Conservation of Natural Populations.- Chapter 3. Sandalwood: Traditional Knowledge from Ayurveda.- Chapter 4. Genomic Resources in Indian Sandalwood: Implications in Conservation and Breeding.- Chapter 5. Whole Genome Sequence of Sandalwood and Its Comparative Study.- Chapter 6. Mining of SSRs and SNPs in Sandalwood Genome.- Chapter 7. Sandalwood Fragrance Pathway and Its Engineering for Sustainable Production of High-Value Santalols.- Chapter 8. Sandalwood Essential Oil and Its Phyto-Chemistry.- Chapter 9. Scope of Proteogenomic Analysis for Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album).- Chapter 10. Future Prospects of Sandalwood Research.
Santalum album;Indian Sandalwood;Genomics;Santalol Biosynthesis;Proteomics;Cloning