Physics of Semiconductor Devices

Physics of Semiconductor Devices

Proceedings of IWPSD 2021

Singh, Rajendra; Singh, Madhusudan; Kapoor, Ashok

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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Impact of Various Device Parameters on the Series Resistance of Perovskite Solar Cell.- Performance Investigation of Alkali Metal Fluorides as Alternate Electron Selective Contacts for TOPCon Solar Cells.- Computational Analysis of Antireflection Coatings for Semiconductor Solar Cells.- Effect of O2 Partial Pressure on Valence Band Maxima of HfO2 Thin Film.- Dependence of analog performance and linearity with channel doping concentration for an InGaAs MOSFET.- Effect of Channel Epilayer Thickness on Low Power Analog Operation of Asymmetric U-Shaped pTFET.- Effect of Helium gas addition to SF6/O2 chemistry for SiC dry etching in AlGaN/GaN/SiC HEMTs.- Modeling of High and Low Resistant States inSingle Defect Atomristors.- Design of Vertical Superjunction AlGaN/GaN HEMT: A TCAD-based Approach.- Effect on photo-absorbance and optical energy-gap of Al2O3 thin film after deposition of Ag thin film.- Thermometry across switching oxide layer in ReRAM device.- Effective Mobility Extraction of GaN-HEMTusing S-parameter.- Stress Dependent Electrical Characteristics of Flexible a-IGZO TFTs.- Modeling of Negative Capacitance Field effect transistors based on different ferroelectric materials.- Comparative Investigation of Single and Double Channel AlGaN/GaN HEMTs for LNAs.- ZnO nanorods orientation control with seedless hydrothermal growth and finding suitable morphology with simulation for tactile sensors.- A Comparative Demonstration of a 2D MXene-based Asymmetric Memristor Using Pristine and Nanohybrid Ti3C2Tx.- Modelling and simulation of a thin-film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) based gas sensor.- Design and Simulation of an open EWOD based Digital Microfluidic Device for Droplet Actuation using COMSOL.- A Capacitive Transducer for film Thickness Measurement.- Performance Projection of Stacked Silicon Nanosheet-FET Architectures for Future Technology Node.- Determination of Coupling Coefficient in Large Optical Cavity Distributed Feedback Laser structure with metal surfacegrating.- Design and Simulation of Stepped Microcantilevers for Energy Harvesting Applications.- Lowering Motional Impedance in Micromachined Frequency-Synthesizer Using Ultra-thin (SiO2 ~30 nm) Internal Dielectric.- Thermally Synthesized Cu/CuO/Cu(sheet) with Bipolar Resistive Switching.- Dynamic tuning of ENZ region of ITO and sensing using a tapered optical fiber.- Identifying the Recombination Zone in Perovskite Solar Cells.- High speed etching of silicon in NaOH-based solution using Surface to Volume Ratio (SVR).- Parylene membrane transfer on PDMS microchannel for microvalve fabrication.- RF Analysis of Tapered Angle Hetero-junction Dopingless TFET for low power applications.- Impact of pocket doped Mg2Si/Si hetrojunction Ge gated TFET for low optical power detection at 1550 nm.- MEMS acoustic sensor for low frequency applications.- Aptamer functionalized CVD grown monolayer WS2 based FETs for real-time detection of E. coli.- Superconducting stub tuner impedance matching circuitfor high-frequency measurements of nanoscale devices.- Spice Simulation of Solution Processed Bottom Gate Bottom Contact Organic Thin Film Transistor.- Inducing Phase transitions in MoS2 by Ionic liquid gating.- Ultrasensitive reduced vanadium dioxidebased MEMS Pirani gauge with extended dynamic range.- Lower Drying Temperature Process for Hole Transport Layer PEDOT: PSS in PCDTBT: PCBM Devices.- Electrical Performance of Protein-based Flexible MIM Structure Fabricated at Room Temperature for Proteotronic Applications.- Estimation of asymmetrically distributed anti-phase domains ratio in GaAs/Si(100) epitaxial layers using high resolution X-ray diffraction.- A Vertical GaN Split Gate Trench MOSFET Device with Reduced Switching Energy Losses.- Optimization of Negative Differential Conductance (NDC) Point for Multi Gate Devices Considering Self Heating Effects using Surface to Volume Ratio (SVR).- Performance of Strained-SiGe in FinFETs and Stacked Nanosheet FETs for Sub-7nm TechnologyNode.- Thermal Admittance Spectroscopy of AlGaN/GaN HEMT Structure.- Numerical Modelling of WO3-based Memristive System for Neuromorphic Computation.- Flexible Organic Field-Effect Transistor using Natural Protein as a Gate Dielectric for Green Electronics.- Design and Analysis of Cs3Sb2Br9/Si Tandem Solar Cell using SCAPS-1D.- One-pot preparation of Fe/Cu catalytic solution for the growth of carbon nanotubes for use in gas sensor and field emission devices.
III-Nitride Materials and Devices;Semiconductor Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Characterization;Emerging Memory & Logic Devices for Storage and Computing;Photovoltaics and Energy Harvesting;Compound Semiconductors and Devices;Oxide Semiconductors and Devices;MEMS and NEMS Devices;Device Simulation and Modelling;2D Materials and Devices;Semiconductor Devices for Quantum Technologies;Organic Semiconductors and Flexible Electronics;IWPSD Proceedings;IWPSD 2021 Proceedings;IWPSD Conference;VLSI Technology and Device Simulation;Graphene and 2D materials;MEMS and Photovoltaics;Organic Semiconductors