Micro- and Nano-containers for Smart Applications

Micro- and Nano-containers for Smart Applications

V. Salim, Nisa; Pulikkalparambil, Harikrishnan; Mavinkere Rangappa, Sanjay; Parameswaranpillai, Jyotishkumar; Suchart Siengchin, Ing. habil

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Introduction to micro and nanocontainers.- Polymer based microcapsules for encapsulation.- An overview on different encapsulation technologies.- Electrospinning techniques for encapsulation.- Aerogels encapsulation.- Hybrid dual containers and core-shell containers for encapsulation.- Fibers as containers for encapsulation.- Bio-based/ biodegradable containers for encapsulation.- Block copolymer micelles and vesicles for drug and protein encapsulation.- Containers for food packaging applications.- Containers for drug delivery.- Containers for encapsulation of fragrances/aroma/odour for textile applications.- Containers based on polymers in biomedical devices/ medical applications.- Containers for self-healing/ self-repairing polymers.- Containers with anti-corrosion agents for metal protection paints.- Containers with lubricating agents for friction and wear.- Containers for active component encapsulation.- Carbon dioxide encapsulation and storage- environmental impact.- Hydrogen encapsulation and storage as an alternative energy source.- Containers for thermal energy storage.- Containers for electronic applications.- Containers based drug delivery for Neuroscience.- Modeling and simulation of drug delivery using polymer nanoparticles.- Molecular dynamic studies on drug molecules encapsulated in carbon nanotubes.- Future prospects in encapsulation.
Smart Materials;Nano Containers;Micro Containers;Encapsulation Technology;Polymer Microencapsulation;Drug Encapsulation;Protein Encapsulation;Biocompatible Encapsulated Containers;Controlled Drug Delivery;Polymer Nanoencapsulation;Nanocomposites