Pearl Millet Genome

Pearl Millet Genome

Satyavathi, C. Tara; Srivastava, Rakesh K.; Varshney, Rajeev K.

Springer International Publishing AG





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?Introduction: Area, production, yield market and economic, impact of pearl millet research.- Management, characterization and conservation of pearl millet germplasm resources for trait discovery.- Breeidng climate reselient pearl millet cultivars for India.- Pearl millet genome sequencing: Utilization of sequencing information for pearl millet improvement.- Understanding mechanisms of abiotic stress tolerance in pearl millet.- Approaches for understanding mechanism of pathogen resistance in pearl millet.- High density genotying and tait mapping for temperate environments.- Application of transcriptomic technology for trait mapping in pearl millet.- Application of next-generation sequencing technology for desease management in pearl millet.
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Pearl millet;Genetic resources;Genome sequence;Comparative genomics;Functional genomics;Nutritional importance