Marine Microbiome

Marine Microbiome

Stal, Lucas J.; Cretoiu, Mariana Silvia

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Chapter 1: A Sea Of Microbes: What's So Special About Marine Microbiology.- Part I: Diversity And Evolution Of Marine Microorganisms.- Chapter 2: Survival In A Sea Of Gradients: Bacterial And Archaeal Foraging In A Heterogeneous Ocean.- Chapter 3: Marine Cyanobacteria.- Chapter 4: Marine Protists: A Hitchhiker's Guide To Their Role In The Marine Microbiome.- Chapter 5: Marine Fungi.- Chapter 6: Marine Viruses: Agents Of Chaos, Promoters Of Order.- Chapter 7: Evolutionary Genomics Of Marine Bacteria And Archaea.- Part II: Marine Habitats.- Chapter 8: Towards A Global Perspective Of The Marine Microbiome.- Chapter 9: The Pelagic Light-Dependent Microbiome.- Chapter 10: Microbial Inhabitants Of The Dark Ocean.- Chapter 11: The Subsurface And Oceanic Crust Prokaryotes.- Chapter 12: The Microbiome Of Coastal Sediments.- Chapter 13: Symbiosis In The Ocean Microbiome.- Chapter 14: Marine Extreme Habitats.- Part III: Marine Microbiome From Genomes To Phenomes: Biogeochemical Cycles, Networks, Fluxes, And Interaction.- Chapter 15: Marine Biogeochemical Cycles.- Chapter 16: A Holistic Approach For The Study Of The Role Of Microorganisms In The Marine Ecosystem.- Chapter 17: The Hidden Treasure: Marine Microbiome As Repository Of Bioactive Compounds.- Chapter 18: Ocean Restoration And The Strategic Plan Of The Marine Microbiome.
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Blue biotechnology;Marine habitats;Marine microbes;Marine resources;Metagenomics;Microbial diversity;Microbial ecology;Marine microorganisms;Marine Bacteria;Marine Archaea;Phototrophic microorganisms;Marne fungi;Marine viruses;Biogeochemical cycles;Extreme marine environments;Deep sea;Marine pelagic environments;Microbial networks;Marine bioactives