Soil Microbiomes for Sustainable Agriculture

Soil Microbiomes for Sustainable Agriculture

Functional Annotation

Yadav, Ajar Nath

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Introduction to Functional Annotation of Soil Microbiomes.- Plant Growth Promoting Soil Microbiomes: Current Research and Future Directions.- Mechanisms of Plant Growth Promotion by Rhizospheric Microbiomes.- Microbes Associated with Crops: Functional Attributes for Crop Productivity.- Soil Microbes with Multifarious Plant growth Promoting attributes for Enhanced Production of Food Crops.- Phosphorus Solubilization: Mechanisms, Recent Advancement and Future Challenge.- Potassium Solubilization: Mechanisms, and Functional Impact on Plant Growth.- Fe-chelation and Zinc Solubilization: A Promising Approach for Cereals Biofortification.- Microbial ACC-Deaminase attributes: Role in Stress Agriculture.- Soil Microbes in Plant Growth Promotion and for Mitigation of Abiotic Stress of Drought.- Thermotolerant Soil Microbes and Their Role in Mitigation of Heat Stress in Plants.- Microbiomes of Hypersaline Soil and their Role in Mitigation of Salt Stress.- Psychrotrophic Soil Microbes and their Role in Alleviation of Cold Stress in Plants.- Mitigation strategies for Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants through Stress tolerant PGP Microbes.- The Omics Strategies for Abiotic Stress Responses and Microbe-Mediated Mitigation in Plants.- Plant Probiotics: Technical challenges and emerging solutions for Enhancing food crop production.- Microbial Consortium: A Promising Tools for Sustainable Agriculture.- Soil Microbes as Biofertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture and Environments.- Soil Microbes as Biopesticides: Agricultural Applications and Future Prospect.- Mycorrhiza: Plant Growth Promoting and Biocontrol Agent Ability under the Abiotic Stress Conditions.- Entomopathogenic Soil Microbes for Sustainable Crop Protection.- Global Scenario of soil Microbiome Research: Current trends and Future prospect.- Conclusion.
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Bioresources;Biotechnological application;Crop improvements;Plant growth promotion;Soil microbiomes