Lean Approach to Digital Transformation

Lean Approach to Digital Transformation

From Customer to Code and From Code to Customer

Caseau, Yves

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Part 1: Digital transformation: Customer orientation and homeostasis Chapter 1 Why a digital transformation? Chapter 2 Homeostasis: continuous adaptation to change Chapter 3 Lean Startup: Lean principles applied to co-creation Part II: Exponential information systems Chapter 4 The Information System as a foundation for digital transformation Chapter 5 Artificial intelligence and machine learning Chapter 6 Governance, architecture and situational potential Part III: Software platforms and service factories Chapter 7 DevOps and software factories Chapter 8 Putting platforms at the service of digital transformation Conclusion
Digital Transformation;Technical Debt;Lean Startup;Multimodal Architecture;Lean Software;CTO;TTM;Mvp;Exponential Technologies;Digital Twin;Bouygues Telecom;Digital World;Rest;Digital Manufacturing;Agile Practices;Agile Approach;SRE;Transaction Platform;Innovation Platforms;Continuous Integration;Software Factory;Agile Team;Non-linear Amplification;Intermediation Platform;Cap Theorem