Engineering Design Primer

Engineering Design Primer

Richards, K. L.

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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Organisation and Structure of the Drawing Office. Engineering Drawing Principles. The Engineering Design Process. Product Design Specifications. Conceptual Design. Design for 'X'. Feasibility Assessment. Decision-Making. Property Management and Planning. Engineering Design Economics. Quality in the Design Process. Design for Optimization. Probability. Statistical Methods for Engineers. An Introduction to Material Selection. Introduction to Configuration Management. Engineering Communications. Index.
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Product Design Specification;Categorisation Leaf;Machine design; Mechanism design; Design Process; Product design; CAD; Ideation;;QFD Methodology;Materials selection; Design for X; Design teams; Visualization; Product testing;;Fibonacci;Feasibility Assessment; Probability; Mathematical Modelling and Simulation; Configuration management;;Preliminary Design Review;Engineering Communications; Thermal-fluid systems; Component testing;;Completion Date;real-life examples;Decision Tree Learning;drawing office;Fibonacci Search;engineering product design;MMC.;engineering product management;Tolerance Zone;materials selection;Design Review;MMC;Conceptual Design Review;Binomial Distribution;Proprietary Items;Swot Analysis;Sorted Array;CPM;Golden Section Method;Stock Prices Predictions;Pareto Chart;Fault Tree;Secant Modulus;Multinomial Probability;Stress Strain Diagram;Engineering;Engineering Drawing;Project Management;Statistical Methods;Material Selection;Mathematical Modelling;Simulation;Configuration Management;Engineering Communications