Holistic Approach to Ship Design

Holistic Approach to Ship Design

Volume 2: Application Case Studies

Papanikolaou, Apostolos

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Revisiting the HOLISHIP Project.- Integration of Tools for Application Case Studies.- Design and Operation of an Offshore Support Vessel.- Development of a Tool for the Assessment of Lightweight Bulkheads and Decks Made of Composite Materials.- Design for Maintainability of a Research Vessel's Engine Room.- Design of a Multi-Purpose Ocean Vessel.- Virtual Vessel Framework for Merchant Ship Maneuvering Operation.- Hydrodynamic Optimisation for Life-Cycle Operation.- Model-based Systems Engineering for the Design and Operational Assessment of Marine Energy Systems and Retrofitting Solutions.- Gravity Base Foundation Concept for a Platform in Icy Shallow Waters.- RoPax Design Revisited - Evolution or Revolution?.- Double-Ended Ferry.- SHIPLYS (Ship Life Cycle Software Solutions) Concept for Ship Newbuilding and Retrofitting Bids.- LINCOLN - Lean Innovative Connected Vessels.
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HOLISHIP Project;CAD Ship Design;Multi-objective Optimisation;Life Cycle Economics;Virtual Demonstrators;Virtual Vessel Framework;MARIN;HSVA;Hamburgische Schiffbau Versuchanstalt;CETENA;DCNS;ELOMATIC