Soil Nitrogen Ecology

Soil Nitrogen Ecology

Varma, Ajit; Cruz, Cristina; Choudhary, Devendra Kumar; Vishwakarma, Kanchan

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Part I: Nitrogen physiology and ecology.- Chapter 1: Physiology and distribution of Nitrogen in soils.- Chapter 2: Ecophysiology of nitrogen in symbiotic relationships of plants and microorganisms.- Chapter 3: Ecological perspectives on soil microbial community involved in N-cycling.- Chapter 4: Pedological assessment of soil organic carbon and total nitrogen contents in wetland rice ecosystems of Majuli river island, Assam, India.- Part II: Nitrogen cycle and pathway.- Chapter 5: Functional Nitrogen in Rhizosphere.- Chapter 6: Potential contribution of soil microflora and fauna in Nitrogen cycle: A comprehensive study.- Chapter 7: Unraveling microbial nitrogen pathway in rhizosphere.- Chapter 8: Role of root exudates on different processes of nitrogen cycle in rhizosphere.- Part III: Techniques and applications.- Chapter 9: Techniques for improving nitrogen use efficiency in rice.- Chapter 10: Tools for characterization of nitrogen fixing microbes.- Chapter 11:Biopriming is emerging as a supplemental strategy for improving nitrogen use efficiency of crop species.- Chapter 12: Overview of the role of nitrogen in copper pollution and bioremediation mediated by plant-microbe interactions.- Part IV: Metagenomics.- Chapter 13: Metagenomics for improving soil fertility.- Chapter 14: Soil microbial diversity and metagenomics.- Part V: Bacteria in nitrogen fixation.- Chapter 15: Beneficial effects of Nitrogen fixing bacteria for agriculture of the future.- Chapter 16: Functional Diversity of Nitrogen-Fixing Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria-The Story so Far.- Chapter 17: Bacterial mutants for enhanced nitrogen fixation.- Chapter 18: Perspectives of nitrogen fixing Bacillus spp.- Chapter 19: Quorum Sensing Enhances Nitrogen Uptake In Plants.- Part VI: Fungi in nitrogen fixation.- Chapter 20: Fungi and nitrogen cycle: symbiotic relationship, mechanism and significance.- Chapter 21: Arbuscular Mycorrhizae in Sustainable Plant Nitrogen Nutrition: Mechanisms and Impact.- Chapter 22: Nitrogen fixing fungi for development of biofertilizer and future strategies.- Chapter 23: Iron toxicity and its relation to nitrogen and phosphorus availability in ectomycorrhizal fungi.- Part VII: Algae in nitrogen fixation.- Chapter 24: Role of Algae in soil nitrogen fixation.- Chapter 25: Role of cyanobacteria in rhizospheric nitrogen fixation.- Chapter 26: Molecular aspects and oxygen relations of nitrogen fixation in cyanobacteria.

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Soil microbial activities;Soil nitrogen cycle;Soil nitrogen ecology;Nitrogen bio-transformations;Nitrogen fixing organisms;Organic matter decomposition;Legume plants;Plant nutrition