Software Project Management

Software Project Management

Methods and Techniques

Peters, Lawrence J.

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Overview. 1 Introduction to Software Project Management. 2 Planning Software Projects. 3 Estimating Cost and Schedule of Software Projects. 4 Controlling. 5 Staffing. 6 Motivating. 7 Project Closeout. APPENDICES ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT RESOURCES. Appendix 1 A Word from Our Sponsor - The Brain. Appendix 2 Basics of Negotiation. Appendix 3 Brainstorming. Appendix 4 Characteristics of Successful High-Technology Teams. Appendix 5 Computing the Cost of a Change. Appendix 6 Developing a Business Case. Appendix 7 Developing the Project Closeout Plan. Appendix 8 The Effect of Cultural Differences (on Software Development Teams). Appendix 9 Emotional Intelligence. Appendix 10 Environmental Factors Affecting Productivity. Appendix 11 How Software Project Managers Are Evaluated. Appendix 12 How to Run Effective Meetings. Appendix 13 Ishikawa (Fishbone) Diagrams. Appendix 14 Knowing When It Is Time to Cancel a Project. Appendix 15 Lying and Software Projects. Appendix 16 Managing Multiple Generations. Appendix 17 Outsourcing (Offshoring). Appendix 18 PERT [Program Evaluation Review Technique]. Appendix 19 Planning using Integrated Cost and Schedule Work Packages. Appendix 20 A Pre-Project Launch Checklist. Appendix 21 Putting Pressure on the Team Can Reduce Productivity. Appendix 22 Reducing Affinity Bias. Appendix 23 Risk Management Methods. Appendix 24 Software Project Management Antipatterns. Appendix 25 Software Project Managers. Appendix 26 Software Engineering Ethics. Appendix 27 Technical Debt - The Ultimate Productivity Killer. Appendix 28 Transitioning from Software Engineer to Software Project Manager. Appendix 29 Why Smart People Make Dumb Decisions. Appendix 30 Why Software Engineering Teams Should Be Kept Intact. Appendix 31 Why We Don't Learn from Success. Appendix 32 Stoplight Charts. Appendix 33 The Theory of Constraints. Appendix 34 Documenting the Undocumented. Appendix 35 Making Documentation Transparent. Appendix 36 Capability Maturity Model (CMM). Appendix 37 Motivation Basics. Closing Comments. Chapter Questions and Suggested Answers. Index.
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project planning;project scheduling;project leadership;project closing