IT Project Health Checks

IT Project Health Checks

Driving Successful Implementation and Multiples of Business Value

Purba, Sanjiv

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Section A. Using the Power of the Health Check1. Use Project Health Checks to Drive Business Value
2. Health Check Prerequisites, Types of Health Checks, and Success Strategies
3. Health Check Evaluation Framework
4. The Health Report (s)

5. Roles and Responsibilities for an Effective Assessment
6. Business Value Levers

Section B. Conducting the Health Check Assessments
7. Laying the Foundation for a Meaningful Health Check
8. Spotting Early Warning Red Flags in the Initial Stages of the Health Check
9. Reviewing the Documentation and Other Deliverables
10. Conducting Interviews of Key Project/Program Resources
11. Health Check Execution Considerations
12. Risk Assessment and Mitigation Approaches

Section C. Working with the Assessment Results
13. Interpreting the Discovery Results, Interview Answers, and the Warning Flags
14. Mounting a Project Rescue Intervention
15. Bringing It All Together

Section D. After the Assessment and Next Steps
16. Monitoring Progress through the Health Check
17. Case Studies
18. Conclusion
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