Smart Running

Smart Running

The ultimate guide to becoming a fitter, stronger, more confident runner

Benson, Jen; Benson, Sim

Vertebrate Publishing Ltd





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Part I Our bodies and systems
01 How we run: our bodies and the effects of training
02 Fuelling and hydration
03 The individual runner

Part II Becoming a resilient runner
04 Planning your training
05 Rest, recovery and adaptation
06 Strength and mobility for runners
07 Managing and avoiding injuries

Part III Mental skills for runners
08 Sport and exercise psychology
09 Psychological skills for runners

Part IV Races, challenges and adventures
10 Racing
11 Ultramarathons, FKTs and multi-day adventures
12 Different environmental conditions

Part V Practicalities
13 Running kit
14 Footcare for runners
15 Finding routes and giving something back
16 Navigation

Part VI Training plans and workouts
17 How to build your perfect training plan
18 Running workouts in detail
19 Home-based strength and mobility exercises

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