Renewable Energy Technologies for Energy Efficient Sustainable Development

Renewable Energy Technologies for Energy Efficient Sustainable Development

Sinharoy, Arindam; Lens, Piet N. L.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Part 1: Process fundamentals.- Chapter 1: Fundamentals of biofuel production from anaerobic digestion: Metabolic pathways and interferences.- Chapter 2: Direct interspecies electron transfer for intensification of biogas production.- Part 2: Pretreatment.- Chapter 3: Adsorbents for the detoxification of lignocellulosic wastes hydrolysates to improve fermentative processes to bioenergy production.- Chapter 4: Pretreatment of lignocellulosic materials to enhance biogas production through anaerobic digestion.- Chapter 5: Biogas production from dairy cattle residues - definition of the pretreatment approach through a bibliometric analysis of publications and patents.- Part 3: AD of specific waste-streams.- Chapter 6: Anaerobic digestion of dairy industry wastewater.- Chapter 7: Solid state anaerobic digestion of agricultural waste.- Chapter 8: Food waste biorefinery for bioenergy and value-added products.- Part 4: Downstream processing for resource recovery.- Chapter 9: Valorization ofanaerobic digestate for production of value added products.- Chapter 10: Biochar produced from organic waste digestate and its potential utilization for soil remediation: An overview.- Part 5: Integration of AD in biorefineries.- Chapter 11: Integration of bioelectrochemical systems with anaerobic digestion.- Chapter 12: Use of biogas for electricity driven appliances.- Chapter 13: Syngas fermentation for bioenergy production: recent advances in bioreactor systems.- Part 6: Life cycle analysis.- Chapter 14: Up and downstream technologies of anaerobic digestion from life cycle assessment perspective.- Chapter 15: Life cycle analysis of anaerobic digestion systems.
Renewable energy;Anaerobic digestion;Circular bioeconomy;Life cycle assessment;Sustainable development