RNA Polymerases as Molecular Motors

RNA Polymerases as Molecular Motors

On the Road

Wang, Jue; Strick, Terence; Landick, Prof. Robert

Royal Society of Chemistry






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The Transition from Transcription Initiation to Transcription Elongation: Start Site Selection, Initial Transcription, and Promoter Escape;

Molecular Basis for Transcriptional Fidelity Control by RNA Polymerase II;

1RNA Polymerase as a Torsional Motor;

RNA Polymerase-associated Transcription Elongation Factors;

Rho Termination Factor: One Ring to Bind Them All;

Global Regulation of Transcription by Nucleotides and (p)ppGpp;

Helicases and the Obstructive RNAP;

Transcription/Replication Conflicts, Resolution and Coregulation;

Using Single-cell RNA Measurements to Decipher the Stochastic Kinetics of Transcription;

Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Kinetic Network Models Elucidate RNA Polymerase Transcription Elongation Mechanisms
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Molecular; Motors; Polymerases; RNA; Road; Andrey; Artsimovitch; Bianca; Darst; Dong; E; Feklistov; Golding; Gourse; ichi; Ido; Irina; J; Jeffrey; Jue; Kira; L; Landick; Michelle; Richard; Robert; Roberts; Sclavi; Sekine; Seth; Shun; Strick; Terence; Wang; Weissman