Harnessing Crop Biofortification for Sustainable Agriculture

Harnessing Crop Biofortification for Sustainable Agriculture

Singh, Baljeet; Tiwari, Siddharth

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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Chapter 1- Importance of Nutrient Requirements of Humans.- Chapter 2 - Crop Bio-fortification: A Promising Strategy for Addressing Micronutrient Deficiencies.- Chapter 3 - Key Nutrients for Biofortification: Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin A.- Chapter 4 - Biofortification Techniques: Breeding, Agronomic, and Biotechnological Approaches.- Chapter 5 - Biofortification of Iron and Zinc in Cereal Crops - A Genetic Engineering and Genome Editing Perspective.- Chapter 6 - Biofortification of Rice: Enhancing Nutritional Value by Genetic Manipulation.- Chapter 7 - Biofortification of Wheat: Nourishing Communities and Overcoming Nutritional Deficiencies.- Chapter 8 - Biofortification of Maize: A Promising Approach for Better Nutrition.- Chapter 9 - Contemporary Techniques in Potato Biofortification for Sustainable Crop Improvement.- Chapter 10 - Biofortification of Sweet Potato: Enhancing Nutritional Quality for Improved Human Health.- Chapter 11- Biofortification of Cassava: Addressing Micronutrient Deficiencies in Subsistence Farming.- Chapter 12 - Biofortification of Legumes: Enhancing Protein and Micronutrient Content.- Chapter 13 - Biofortification of Pea: Improving Nutrition and Sustainable Food Systems.- Chapter 14 - Biofortification of Leafy Vegetables: Maximizing Nutritional Potential for Well-being of Humans.- Chapter 15 - Biofortification of Tomato: Enhancing Vitamin and Mineral Content for a Healthier Diet.- Chapter 16 - Biofortification of Banana: Enriching Staple Crops with Essential Nutrients.- Chapter 17 - Improving Soybean Genetics for Enhanced Nutrition and Value Addition Trait(s).- Chapter 18 - Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering Technologies in Reference to Biofortified Crops.- Chapter 19 - Future Perspectives and Emerging Trends in Crop Biofortification.
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Crop biofortification;Genome editing;Micronutrient Deficiencies;Hidden hunger;Sustainable Agriculture;Genetic diversity