Polymeric Materials in Corrosion Inhibition

Polymeric Materials in Corrosion Inhibition

Fundamentals and Applications

Saji, Viswanathan S.; Solomon, Moses M.; Umoren, Saviour A.

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PART I: THE FUNDAMENTALS 1. Basic Concepts I: Polymerization Structure and Properties 2. Basic Concepts II: Characterization and Applications 3. Basic Concepts of Corrosion 4. Fundamentals of Corrosion Inhibition

PART II: NATURAL POLYMERS AS CORROSION INHIBITORS 5. Chitosan 6. Chitosan derivatives 7. Cellulose and its derivatives 8. Natural Gums and Its Derivatives 9. Other Natural Gums and Gum Modifications 10. Pectin and derivatives 11. Alginate and derivatives 12. Starch and derivatives 13. Other Natural Polymers-Gelatin and Dextrin/dextran

PART III: SYNTHETIC POLYMERS AS CORROSION INHIBITORS 14. Polyglycols 15. Acrylic Polymers 16. Vinyl Polymers 17. Polyethers 18. Resins based polymers 19. Conducting polymers 20. Dendrimers 21. Copolymers 22. Polyaspartic Acid and Poly(Vinyly Pyridine) Polymers 23. Other Synthetic Polymers 24. Mechanism of corrosion inhibition by polymers
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Acrylic polymers; Addition polymers; Adsorption; Alginate; Alternating copolymers; Amino acids; Amylopectin; Amylose; Atom transfer radical polymerization; Bacteria; Biodegradable polymers; Biomedical applications; Block copolymers; Carboxymethyl cellulose; Carboxymethylated starches; Carrageenan; Cathodic protection; Cellulose; Cellulose esters; Cellulose ethers; Cereal grain seeds; Chemical modification; Chemisorption; Chitin; Chitosan; Chitosan Schiff bases; Chitosan derivatives; Classification; Coatings; Composting; Condensation polymers; Conducting polymers; Coordination polymerization; Copolymerization; Copolymers; Corrosion; Corrosion inhibition; Corrosion inhibitor; Corrosion inhibitors; Corrosion rate; Crown polyethers; Daniellia oliveri; Deacetylation; Dendrimers; Density functional theory; Dextran; Dextrin; Dopants; Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy; Electropolymerization; Enhanced oil recovery; ss-cyclodextrin; Epoxy resin; Ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose; Exudate gums; Free radical polymerization; Functionalization; Galacturonic acid; Gelatin; Gelatinization; Gellan gum; Grafting; Guar gum; Gum Arabic; Gums; HOMO; Hydroxyethyl cellulose; Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; Ionic polymerization; LUMO; Linear polarization resistance; Localized corrosion; Melamine-formaldehyde resin; Metals; Methoxy pectins; Methyl cellulose; Methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose; Molecular dynamics simulation; Molecular weight; Monte Carlo simulation; Nanocomposite; Nanocomposites; Nanocomposting; Natural polymers; Oligochitosan; Organic corrosion inhibitors; Packaging; Pectic acid; Pectin; Pectin classification; Phenolic resins; Physisorption; Pitting corrosion; Poly(aminoquinoline); Poly(cyanurateamine); Poly(vinylpyridine); Polyacrylamide; Polyacrylic acid; Polyamide; Polyaniline