Conjugated Polymers for Next-Generation Applications, Volume 1

Conjugated Polymers for Next-Generation Applications, Volume 1

Synthesis, Properties and Optoelectrochemical Devices

Sharma, Kashma; Kalia, Susheel; Sehgal, Rakesh; Kumar, Vijay

Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc






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1. Conjugated polymer-based fibers: synthesis, properties, and Applications 2. Techniques for designing patterned conducting polymers 3. Synthetic approaches of conducting polymer nanocomposites 4. Mechanical properties of conjugated polymers 5. Porous carbon from conducting polymers for electrochemical applications 6. Conjugated polymers and graphene-based composites for flexible electrochemical energy storage devices: synthesis to device fabrication 7. Biobased conducting polymer composites for electromagnetic interference shielding and electronics applications 8. Conjugated polymers in bioelectronics 9. Conjugated polymers-based sensors for detection of water pollutants 10. Conducting polymer-based textile materials 11. Current trends on flexible and wearable mechanical sensors based on conjugated polymers combined with carbon nanotubes 12. Conjugated polymers-based biosensors 13. p-Conjugated polymers for application in proton exchange membrane fuel cells 14. Conductive polymer-based composite photocatalysts for environment and energy applications 15. Conjugated polymers for electrochromic applications
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?Atomic force microscopy; Biological importance; Biosensors; Bipolar plates; Carbon nanotubes; Catalysis; Catalyst systems; Conducting composites; Conducting polymer; Conducting polymers; Conductive textile; Conductivity; Conjugated polymer; Conjugated polymers; Deformation; Dip coating; Dyes; EMI shielding; Electrochemical applications; Electrochemical devices; Electrochemical energy storage devices; Electrochromic; Electromagnetic shielding material; Electron microscopy; Electropolymerization; Electrospinning; Energy; Energy storage; Environment; Fertilizers; Fibers; Flexible; Flexible bioelectronics; Flexible devices; Functionalization; Future scopes; Graphene; Harmful organic compounds; Healthcare; Heavy metals; Hydrothermal; Materials characterization; Materials chemistry; Materials structure; Materials synthesis; Mechanical properties; Membrane electrolytes; Micropatterning; Nanocomposites; Organic reaction; Pesticides; Pharmaceuticals; Photocatalyst; Photolithography; Pollutants; Polyaniline; Polyethylene terephthalate; Polypyrrole; Polythiophene; Porous carbon; Proton exchange membrane fuel cells; Renewable resources; Sensor; Sensors; Smart textiles; Soft tissue; Sol-gel; Synthesis; Template; Water contaminants; Water disinfection; Wearable mechanical sensors; Wet-spinning; p-conjugated polymers