Plant Growth Regulators: Resilience for Sustainable Agriculture

Plant Growth Regulators: Resilience for Sustainable Agriculture

Faizan, Mohammad; Hayat, Shamsul

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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Chapter 1. Brassinosteroids and Future of Crop Plants under Changing Environment.- Chapter 2. Salicylic acid: Food, Functions and Future.- Chapter 3. Nitric Oxide: A Key Bioactive Regulator of Plant Tolerance Mechanism under Metal induced Oxidative Stress.- Chapter 4. Recent Advances in the Role of Nitric Oxide and Cross-talk with Signaling Molecules under Environmental Stress in Plants.- Chapter 5. Strigolactone in Action: Signaling, Transport and the Control of Plant Growth and Development.- Chapter 6. Interpreting the Genetic Symphony: Strigolactones and their Regulatory Effect on Plant Growth and Development.- Chapter 7. Karrikins and its Role in Mitigating Nutrient Deficiency in Plants.- Chapter 8. Hemin: A New Plant Bio stimulator.- Chapter 9. Phyto-melatonin: History, Biosynthesis and Response.- Chapter 10. Tools and Techniques to Quantify PGRs Content in Plants.- Chapter 11. Implications in Phytohormones Research: From Lab to Field.- Chapter 12. The Potential for Plant Growth Regulators to Impact Crop Productivity in Future Agricultural System.- Chapter 13. Integration of Plant Hormones in the Biological System as an Opportunity for Sustainable Crop Production.- Chapter 14. Phytohormones for Combat Global Challenges: An Eco-friendly Approach.
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Plant Physiology;Plant growth regulators;Phytohormones;Strigolactone;Karrikins;Hemin