Microbial Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture Volume 2

Microbial Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture Volume 2

Arora, Naveen Kumar; Bouizgarne, Brahim

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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Chapter 1. Role of microbial bio-inoculants in sustainable agriculture.- Chapter 2. Microbe based biostimulants: Latest developments and future perspectives.- Chapter 3. Effect of Engineered Nanoparticles on Rhizospheric Microbes.- Chapter 4. Nanobiofungicides: effective tools for control of fungal pathogens.- Chapter 5. Biotechnological applications of phosphate solubilizing microorganisms: Biological alternative to improve phosphorus availability.- Chapter 6. Diazotrophs for enhancement of productivity of major cereal crops under abiotic stresses.- Chapter 7. Role of Transcriptomics in Elucidating Mechanism of Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants.- Chapter 8. Exploring the potential of Endophytes in Phytoremediation.- Chapter 9. Tomato bacterial canker disease management: molecular interactions and role of biocontrol agents (BCAs) against Clavibacter michiganensis .- Chapter 10. Recovery of tomato plant residues through composting: Potential and challenges to promote circular economy.- Chapter 11. The evolution of date palm tolerance to salinity stress via arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and compost application.- Chapter 12. Suppressive effect of different compost extracts against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri, causal agent of Fusarium wilt of chickpea (Cicer arietinum.- Chapter 13. Nutrient and pest-managing microbial inoculants for sustainable production of rice.- Chapter 14. Augmenting of Bioremediation through Quorum sensing and Biofilm.
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Sustainable agriculture;Plant growth promoting microorganisms;Organic farming;Plant-microbe interactions;Bioinoculants;Compost;Agri-wastes