Nanotechnology Based Advanced Medical Textiles and Biotextiles for Healthcare

Nanotechnology Based Advanced Medical Textiles and Biotextiles for Healthcare

Sharma, Prashansa; Pant, Suman; Singh, Devsuni; Dave, Vivek

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1. Description of the Processing Techniques used in Bio-textiles for Medical Application
2. Nanofiber Production Techniques for Medical Biotextiles
3. Bioprocessing of Natural and Synthetic fibres
4. Modification of Surface Biotextiles using Nano-biotechnology
5. Nano-enhanced Biotextile Sterilization Techniques for Medical Applications
6. Advancement of Nanomedical Bio Textiles for Infection Control and Protection Materials
7.Compression Bandage and Woundcare Biomaterial with Nanotechnology
8. Nanotechnology in Hospital Clothing and Odour Control of Medical Textiles
9. Superabsorbent Nanofibers Revolutionize in Feminine Hygiene Napkins and Incontinence Care
10. Drug-releasing Property using Nanotechnology in Biotextiles
11. A Critique: Advancement and Applications of Surgical Sutures in Medical Implants
12. Nano-biotechnology in Vascular Graft Implant and Heart Valve for Biotextile
13. Nanofibrous Textile Scaffolds: A new Innovation in Nanotechnology for Tissue Engineering
14. Use of Nanoparticles in Fabrication of Antimicrobial Biofilms Derived from Natural Resources for Wound Dressing
Biotechnology;Nanofibres;Biomaterials;Medical Implants;Scaffolds;Drugs