Advanced Nanocarbon Materials

Advanced Nanocarbon Materials

Applications for Health Care

Verma, Sarika; Khan, Raju; Srivastava, Avanish Kumar

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1. CNT Mediated Functional Restoration of Human Tissue and Organs. 2. Advanced Nano-Carbon Materials: An Introduction to History and Background. 3. Carbon Dots: Structure, Synthesis, Properties, and Advanced Healthcare Applications. 4. Carbon Nanotubes CNT: Synthesis, Properties and Modifications. 5. Graphene Nanoribbons, Fabrication, Properties and Biomedical Applications. 6. Biobased Nano Carbon Materials (Plant Based for Green Materials) Synthesis, Properties and Biomedical Applications. 7. Advantages of Advanced Carbon-Based Nano-Materials in Medical and Pharmaceutical. 8. Carbon Nanotubes/Graphene Based Chemiresistive Biosensors. 9. Green Synthesis of Graphene and Graphene Oxide and their use as Antimicrobial Agent. 10. A Review on Fullerenes and its applications in health care sector.
antioxidants;graphene;fullerenes;GO-based scaffold for cell culture;GO-based antibacterial materials;biosensing and bioimaging;cancer therapy;gene and drug delivery;CNTs;Graphene Oxide;Graphene Sheet;MWCNTs;Drug Delivery;SWCNTs;GQDs;Bone Tissue Engineering;RGO;Graphene Oxide Materials;GNRs;Soil Contamination;CDs;Graphene Nanocomposites;Photothermal Therapy;PLGA Composite;Transducer Element;Magnetic Nanoparticles;TTT TTT TTT;MWCNT Nanocomposites;EIS;CNT Toxicity;TTT TTT;Pristine Graphene;UHV Condition