Mycoremediation and Environmental Sustainability

Mycoremediation and Environmental Sustainability

Volume 3

Prasad, Ram; Nayak, S. Chandra; Kharwar, Ravindra Nath; Dubey, Nawal Kishor

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Preface.- Bioremediation of Toxic Pesticides in Soil Using Some Microbial Products.- Microbial Enzymes in the Bioremediation of Polutants: Emerging Potential and Challenges.- Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Remediation Potential of Soils Contaminated by Potentially Toxic Elements.- Nanotechnology and Bioremediation.- Mycoremediation through Redox Mechanisms of Organic Pollutants.- Role of Endophytes in Plant Associated Remediation and Plant Growth Promotion: A Deep Insight.- Microbial Remediation: A Natural Approach for Environmental Pollution Management.- Microbial Biocontrol Agents for Agricultural Soil Remediation: Prospects and Application.- Soil Bioremediation: An Insight into Available Green Technology and Future Developments.- Microbial Bioformulation Technology for Applications in Bioremediation.- Endophytic Fungi Interaction with Transgenic Plants.- Mycoremediation of Plastics for Efficient Waste Management: A Review.- Biotechnology of Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi Useful inAgriculture.- Index.
Mycoremediation;Bioremediation;Fungal Biology;Environmental Sustainability;Soil Pollution;Nanotechnology;Agricultural Byproducts;Decolorization