Modern Taxonomy of Bacteria and Archaea

Modern Taxonomy of Bacteria and Archaea

New Methods, Technology and Advances

Rao, Manik Prabhu Narsing; Li, Wen-Jun; Jiao, Jian-yu; Salam, Nimaichand

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Chapter 1. Limitations of the historic taxonomic approach and minimal taxonomic standard.- Chapter 2. Naming of New Taxon.- Chapter 3. Technology Promoting Genomic-based Taxonomy.- Chapter 4. Phylogenomics and Phylogenetic Relationship.- Chapter 5. Overall Genome Relatedness Indices - Interpretation and Defining New Taxonomic Ranks.- Chapter 6. Genomes and Chemotaxonomy.- Chapter 7. Genome and Phenotypes.- Chapter 8. Taxonomic Approaches for Uncultivated Microbes.- Chapter 9. Description and Naming of Candidatus Species.- Chapter 10. Naming of the uncultivated Archaea and Bacteria.- Chapter 11. Applications of bioactive compounds derived from novel taxa.- Chapter 12. Challenges and Opportunities of Bacterial and Archaeal Taxonomy in Future.
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Bacterial and Archaeal Systematics;Nomenclature;Phylogenomics;Microbial systematics;Microbial biotechnology;Clinical microbiology