Microbial Metabolism of Metals and Metalloids

Microbial Metabolism of Metals and Metalloids

Hurst, Christon J.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Part I. Introduction.- Chapter 1. Metal Munching Microbes.- Chapter 2. Chemical Constraints for Transition Metal Cation Allocation.- Part II. Understanding Commonality of the Basic Processes.- Chapter 3. The Mosaic Landscape of Algal Metal Transport and Usage.- Chapter 4. Metal-based Antimicrobials - Uses and Challenges.- Part III. When Microbes are the Best Tool for the Job.- Chapter 5. Microbial Consortium: A Promising Strategy for Bioleaching of Metals from Industrial Wastes.- Chapter 6. Molecular Mechanisms that Mediate Microbial Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles.- Chapter 7. Bacterial Production of Metal(loid) Nanostructures.- Part IV. Uniqueness of the Elements.- Chapter 8. Microbes: Key Players of the Arsenic Biogeochemical Cycle.- Chapter 9. Microbial Transformations of Antimony.- Chapter 10. Microbial Remediation of Chromium.- Chapter 11. Microbial Interactions with Gold and Uranium.- Chapter 12. Prokaryotic Ferrous Iron Transport: Exploiting Pools of Reduced Iron Across Multiple Microbial Environments.- Chapter 13. Pterin Containing Microbial Molybdenum Enzymes.- Chapter 14. Microbial Metabolism of Nickel.- Chapter 15.- Microbial Transformation of Silicon in Soil.- Chapter 16. Microbial Interactions with Titanium.- Chapter 17. Microbial Tungsten Assimilation.- Chapter 18. Vanadium-based Transformations Effected by Algae and Microbes.- Chapter 19. How Is a Zinc Ion Correctly Allocated to a Zinc-Dependent Protein?.
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Bioleaching;Metal-based Antimicrobials;Metal-microbe Interactions;Microbial Metal Oxidation;Metal Nanomaterials;Microbial Remediation;Microbial Transformations;Wastewater Treatment