Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Current Research Status, Value-Addition to Their Waste, and Agro-Industrial Potential (Vol I)

Kumar, Lakhan; Anand, Raksha; Singh, Ram; Bharadvaja, Navneeta

Springer International Publishing AG





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Chapter 1. Biologically Active Compounds from Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for Industrial Applications (Sevinc Yesilyurt).- Chapter 2. In-vitro propagation to conserve medicinally important plants: insight, procedures, and opportunities (Samridha V).- Chapter 3. Harnessing In-Vitro Propagation for the Sustainable Conservation of Medicinal Plants: Challenges and Prospects (Yogesh K. Ahlawat).- Chapter 4. Response of Cultivated Industrial Crops to Abiotic Stress: Strategies to Enhance Target Metabolite Productivity (Rakesh Chandra Nainwal).- Chapter 5. Clove: Tiny buds with global fame (Leila Mohtashami, Shokoufeh Aalinezhad).- Chapter 6. Konkan's Curcuma: Insights into Morphological and Genetic Diversity, Phytochemical Treasures, and In-vitro Micropropagation (Hafsa Shaikh).- Chapter 7. Recent Advances in Extraction, Analysis, Value Addition, and Applications of Essential Oils (Munmun Kumar Singh).- Chapter 8. Green Techniques for The Extraction of Bioactives from Withania somnifera for Agro-Industrial Potential (Arti Shukla).- Chapter 9. Phytochemical importance of medicinal plants as potential sources against neurodegenerative diseases (Vibha Pandey).- Chapter 10. Exploring Therapeutic Potential of Indian Ayurvedic Plants for Parkinson's Disease Treatment (Philip Thomas).- Chapter 11. Computational Strategies for Maximizing Biomass and Metabolite Yields for Bioproduction (Yogesh K. Ahlawat).- Chapter 12. Plant Essential Oils as Multifunctional Biomolecules for Applications in Therapeutics, Food and Industry (Irshika Divanji).- Chapter 13. Phytotherapy: An alternative approach to treat Glioblastoma (Pratibha Kumari).- Chapter 14. Gene-based Management of Alzheimer's Disease: Role of Coumarins of Ferulago Genus (Farid Dabaghian).- Chapter 15. Harnessing the power of aromatic and medicinal plants for natural product innovation (Shiuly Bhowmick).
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Biotechnological approaches;Bioprocess development;Computational approaches on MAPs;Conservation of genetic resources;Medicinal and aromatic plants;Secondary metabolites;Translational research;Zero-waste approach