Leading Beyond the Ego

Leading Beyond the Ego

How to Become a Transpersonal Leader

Enright, Duncan; Knights, John; Grant, Danielle; Young, Greg

Taylor & Francis Ltd





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Introduction to the Second Edition

1. The background to this book

2. Introduction of Part 1, "The intermediate journey"

3. Understanding leadership

4. The neuroscience of leadership

5. Increasing self-awareness

6. Understanding emotions and how to deal with them

7. The power of emotional intelligence (managing emotions)

8. Using different leadership styles

9. Coaching style of leadership

10. Creating a performance-enhancing culture

11. Identifying strengths and improving development areas

12. Introduction of Part 2, "The advanced journey"

13. The Eight Integrated Competencies of Leadership (8ICOL (R))

14. The neuroscience of consciousness and how it applies to leadership

15. Beyond the ego: working for all stakeholders

16. Purpose and Transpersonal Leadership

17. Improving judgement and decision-making

18. The values of leadership: personal conscience and self-determination

19. Diversity, Equality and Inclusion through the lens of Transpersonal Leadership

20. Health, Resilience and Well-being for the Transpersonal Leader

21. Sustainable Leadership

22. Leading in Complex Adaptive Systems

23. Choice and for the greater good

24. Continuous personal development

25. Modern learning principles and methodologies

26. Ethics in Leadership Learning and Development: From Infusing to Insisting

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