IoT and AI in Agriculture

IoT and AI in Agriculture

Smart Automation Systems for increasing Agricultural Productivity to Achieve SDGs and Society 5.0

Ahamed, Tofael

Springer Verlag, Singapore





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Chapter 1. Digital Innovations in Agri-Food Systems to Achieve SDGs and Society 5.0.- Chapter 2. Short Strategic Notes (SSN): Smart Soil and Water Management for Bioresources.- Chapter 3. Design of Navigation System for Transportation Mobile Robot for Agricultural Farms.- Chapter 4. A New Small-Scale Autonomous Multi-Crop Seeder.- Chapter 5. Automatic Navigation of Pesticide Spraying Vehicle for Orchard Crops.- Chapter 6. Short Strategic Notes (SSN): Advanced Machinery for Increasing Agriculture Productivity.- Chapter 7. Navigation System for Autonomous Agricultural Vehicle for Orchard Operations.- Chapter 8. Driver Safety System for Agricultural Machinery Operations Using Deep Learning Algorithm.- Chapter 9. Navigation System for Autonomous Agricultural Vehicle for Indoor Farms.- Chapter 10. Digital Transformation of Horticultural Crops Pre-post-harvest Management Against Pest Infestation in Sustainable Agricultural Productivity.- Chapter 11. Challenges in Orchard Weeding Systems:A Perspectives of 3D-Camera and Lidar Application Oriented Robots and their Potential.- Chapter 12. Development of Automatic Navigation System for Mechanical Weeder in Cassava Field.- Chapter 13. Short Strategic Notes (SSN): Smart Automation System for Water Saving Technology.- Chapter 14. Internet of Things (IoT)-based Smart Agriculture to Increase Productivity and Aiming to Achieve SDGs.- Chapter 15. Maximizing Water Use Efficiency Through Employing Smart Precision Irrigation Technologies.- Chapter 16. AI-based IoT Greenhouse Control System for Environmental Parameters.- Chapter 17. Advanced IoT Application in Aquaculture for Fish Production Monitoring.- Chapter 18. Object Detection: Challenges in Different Convolution Neural Network.- Chapter 19. Recognition and Localization of Pears in Complex Orchards Using 3D Stereo Camera System and Deep Learning Algorithm.- Chapter 20. Smart Automations for End-Effector in Development of Horticultural Robots.- Chapter 21. Short Strategic Notes(SSN): Advanced Integrated System for Green-house Livestock's and Poultry Production.- Chapter 22. Fast and Non-Destructive Quail Egg Freshness Assessment Using a Thermal Camera and Deep Learning.- Chapter 23. Conclusion: The Future of Intelligence Systems for Sustainable Agri-Food Systems Prioritizing SDGs and Society 5.0.
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Smart agriculture;Deep learning;Smart horticultural crop management;Digital agriculture;Data driven system in agriculture;SDG 1;SDG 2