Global Supply Chain

Global Supply Chain

Using Systems Engineering Strategies to Respond to Disruptions

Badiru, Adedeji B.

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1. Project Framework for Global Supply Chain 2. Industrial Engineering Techniques in the Supply Chain 3. Forecasting and Inventory Modeling for Supply Chains 4. Modeling for Supply Chain Optimization 5. Learning Curve in Production and Supply Chain Systems 6. Supplier Selection Using Multiple Criteria Optimization 7. Systems Models for the Supply Chain
Single Objective Linear Programming Model;Multiple Criteria Optimization;Cumulative Distribution Function;Order Allocation Problem;MCDM Technique;Allocate Order Quantities;Supply Chain;Learning Curve Model;Supplier Selection Problem;Fuzzy GP Model;GP Model;Cumulative Average Cost;Borda Count;Supplier Selection;Supplier Selection Process;Conventional Electric Power;Designing Acceptance Sampling Plans;Average Outgoing Quality Limit;Wright's Model;AHP Ranking;MAPE Value;Silver Meal Heuristic;Multiple Criteria Optimization Problem;LP Solution;Suppliers Offered Quantity Discounts