Global Players and the Indian Car Industry

Global Players and the Indian Car Industry

Trade, Technology and Structural Change

Singh, Jatinder

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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List of Tables and Figure. List of Abbreviations. Preface and Acknowledgements.1. Introduction 2. Exploring the Basics: Development of Passenger Car Industry in the Changing Regulatory Framework 3. Restructuring of Passenger Car Industry 4. Technological Development of Passenger Car Industry (1981-2000) 5. Technological Development of Passenger Car Industry Since 2000 6. Foreign Presence and Balance of Payments (1981-2000) 7. Contribution of Foreign Firms to Balance of Payments Since 2000: Net Importers or Exporters? 8. MUL and Hyundai: Two Special Cases 9. Conclusion and Policy Implications. Annexure. Bibliography. Index
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